Shocking Incident On A Flight Leads Model To Drop 200 Pounds (5 Images)

This is Rosie Mercado. She was a fashion model and weighed above 400 pounds. She reports an incident when once she was flying to Disney land and she was asked to buy another airplane seat for herself as one seat would not accommodate her big ass and flabby thighs. When she reached the Disney land, […]


Girl Found Frozen For 500 Years Looks Well Preserved & Alive (7 Images)

This is the picture of the maiden who was mummies 500 years ago and she had a disease of lungs which was infectious. She was sacrificed due to the doubt of other human beings catching the disease. 500 years back there were no advanced ways to medically treat such a patient. The 15 year old […]


5 Causes Of Vaginal Itching Girls Face Most of The Time (5 Images)

Girls vagina is the most sensitive part of the body and it is prone to infections all the times it is exposed to external factors which will be discussed in this article. Vaginal infections can be prevented if you know the cause of it. Itching and infections can be caused by various chemical bound products […]


People Who Haven’t Figured Out Pants Yet (7 Images)

Pants were invented as a mode of dressing in the 16th century but the pants we wear today has undergone a lot of modifications and many changes according to the fashion trend. First people used to tie their pants above the belly button and wear a glace with it. With the passage of time, the […]


Funny Halloween Couples Costumes (8 Images)

The first couple seems very hilarious and no doubt they look funny and good at the same time. Maybe the couple got so drunk at the night of the Halloween party that they just were not able to figure out what they want to be dressed like and they decided that the lady should wear […]


Confusing Pictures That Will Make You Look More Than Once (7 Images)

This is a confusing picture of this beautiful girl. If she has her hands on her waist where did the third hand come from. The third hand is basically of a person who is standing right behind her and his hand is pointed right in front of her. This has made a shadow on her […]


Hot Female Celebrities With Fake Butts That Everyone Loves (5 Images)

Some people out there are naturally blessed with beautiful bodies and they have extra baggage of weight on the desired places. There are others who are keen to have that weight put on in their desired places and they have to work really hard to get that weight. Some flat bodied people around the world […]


Most Sexiest Women in the Sports Industry (7 Images)

Sports celebrities are the most ignored when it comes to beauty. There are sports celebrities who are beautiful and energetic at the same time and they are not yet identified in the beauty sector. Caroline Wozniacki is a Polish origin girl who is a tennis player and is known for her beauty. The 25 year […]


Kanya Sesser born without legs, Becomes Lingerie Model (5 Images)

This beautiful girl was born without legs. It would have been a very difficult journey for her, but she did not lose hope and did not let herself respects diminish by the bullies and critics. She made her way through the difficult life and made herself recognizable by modeling! Yes she is a model. She […]


WTF Tattoo Corrections (7 Images)

Tattoos are of great importance to some people. People have tattoos endorsed on their bodies which make them remember a life event or something they like. Some people endorse the names of their favorite personalities on their bodies while some endorse the name of a loved one. Some also have the tattoo of the name […]