They Said She Has Super Skinny Lollipop Body. Is She Hot Or Nah? (10 Images)

Girls with skinny legs and skinny chests were considered to be having less hot sensual appeal in the 80’s. Those who had fat, juicy belongings like a fat pair of thighs, fat buttocks and busty bosoms were considered sexy and they had hot appeal as no other in the world. In the 21st century, many things and […]


Symptoms of Ovarian Cancer Every Woman Must Know (7 Images)

Ovarian Cancer is a silent killer and it can lead you to your death. There are many symptoms of ovarian cancer which you should never ignore and always see your doctor when you experience such symptoms. Backache is common in many women but you don’t know whether it is a sign that you are experiencing […]


Strange Birth Control Side Effects That Every Woman Must Know (7 Images)

#1 Painful Intercourse Have you been using birth control methods for avoiding pregnancy? You could be using the birth control pills, or an injection or may be your doctor have inserted the Intra Uterine Coil. All these methods have been successful in preventing pregnancy, but there might be some undesirable side effects of using these […]


Largest Things In The World You Must Know (5 Images)

The world’s largest pinata is the one of its kind and never has anyone made or built such a big pinata before. The pinata contained 8000 pound candies and it was smashed on a carnival occasion by a wrecking ball. The impact of the smashing was felt till many kms. And most of the people […]


Things You See On Public Transit (5 Images)

In a public transport, you see so many things and people who are one of their kind. All sorts of people actually use the public transport for transportation purpose as it is cheap and here you are able to see all sorts of strange things and unique people. One such example is this black boy […]