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They Said She Has Super Skinny Lollipop Body. Is She Hot Or Nah? (10 Images)

Girls with skinny legs and skinny chests were considered to be having less hot sensual appeal in the 80’s. Those who had fat, juicy belongings like a fat pair of thighs, fat buttocks and busty bosoms were considered sexy and they had hot appeal as no other in the world. In the 21st century, many things and […]


Kanya Sesser born without legs, Becomes Lingerie Model (5 Images)

This beautiful girl was born without legs. It would have been a very difficult journey for her, but she did not lose hope and did not let herself respects diminish by the bullies and critics. She made her way through the difficult life and made herself recognizable by modeling! Yes she is a model. She […]


WTF Tattoo Corrections (7 Images)

Tattoos are of great importance to some people. People have tattoos endorsed on their bodies which make them remember a life event or something they like. Some people endorse the names of their favorite personalities on their bodies while some endorse the name of a loved one. Some also have the tattoo of the name […]